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The El Paso & Southwestern railroad line was completed in 1902. The line ran from El Paso, Texas to Douglas, Arizona to haul copper ore from the Bisbee, Arizona mines to the refinery in El Paso, Texas. Later the line was extended to Phoenix, Arizona and a spur line from Hermanas New Mexico to Deming, New Mexico. This system was known as the "South Line".

The Columbus depot was one of the main stops because in 1912 the 13th Cavalry set up an Army camp just south of the depot known as the "Camp at Columbus". Passenger cars were added and were very popular as the railroad was the major form of transportation. The mail, freight and sellable goods were all transported by rail.

Like all railroads the EP&SW had its ups and downs through the years. High points were General Pershing's Punitive Expedition in 1916-1917. WWII rail traffic was the peak. The low was the 1920-1930 depression era.

The last train to stop at Columbus was on December 15, 1961. The Post Master at that time was Margaret Epps and she said she stood at the rear door of the Post Office and cried like a baby! The station agent was Pat Truscott as she closed her key forever she sent the same message as Samuel Morse sent on his first message and that was "WHAT HATH GOD WRATH".

The trains have gone but the spirit lives on!!

The Train Depot as it appears today

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